Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dirty Laundry

 When you're soaked in tears for months now it never airs out...

what does She want?

He watches her. Her smile ,her movements, her broken heart. Time after time He see's her in pain and She knows he can save her ,but does not push herself on him.She seeks his attention daily.. Thinks about what was and what could have been.She blames her self first and blames him second; after lonely nights in puddled tears..What does She want?Just somebody there for her and only her. Is it so much to ask.She gives him her time and her whole heart. But, what does He want?He doesn't know. She doesn't know.Friend zone have been initiated, yet She still has hope for relation.


At this moment in time-every night She wishes for him and only him to be hers....forever.

Doubts cloud her mind because she know it can't be.

What does She want?